Walking in the Forest of Bowland

We have explored the Bowland Fells for many years and are now able to give you some of our favourites.

There are three ways of viewing our Forest of Bowland walks.

  1. Have a look around the map and select a walk in an area that interests you
  2. Look at some of the pictures and click a walk that you like.  Each walk has a map that you can download and print.
  3. All of our Forest of Bowland walks are listed at the bottom of the page, detailing the distances.

All of the information provided is accurate to the best of our knowledge but be always make sure you have an Ordnance Survey map and suitable safety equipment.  Remember, sometimes you can walks for miles without seeing a single person.  That’s the beauty of Forest of Bowland walks.

For more information about safety on the fells visit Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue Trust

Full list of walks

Walk Length Link Year
Nicky Nook walk 5km 3m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/nicky-nook-walk-2/ 2020
Clougha Pike & Grit Fell 10.8km 6.75m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/clougha-pike-2/ 2019
Hodder Bank Fell 7.8km 4.8m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/hodder-bank-fell-walk/ 2019
Longridge Fell 5km 3.1m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/longridge-fell/ 2019
Nicky Nook walk 4.8km 3m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/nicky-nook-walk/ 2019
Littledale 3.62km 2.25m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/littledale// 2019
Parlick, Fair Snape & Saddle Fell 9km 5.5m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/parlick-fair-snape-and-saddle-fell-circular/ 2019
Bowland Knotts 1km .8m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/bowland-knotts/ 2019
Nicky Nook 6.5km 4m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/nicky-nook/ 2018
Langden Valley 4.4km 2.75m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/langden-valley/ 2018
West Bradford Fell 7.25km 4.5m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/4-5-mile-walk-above-west-bradford/ 2018
Calder Vale – May bluebells walk 3.11km 2m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/calder-vale/ 2017
Abbeystead 5km 3.11m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/abbeystead/ 2016
Beacon Hill from Holden 7.64km 4.78m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/beacon-hill-from-holden/ 2016
Pendle Hill from Nick o’pendle 9.6km 6m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/pendle-hill-from-nick-of-pendle/ 2015
Clapham to Ingleborough 14.5km 9m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/ingleborough/ 2015
Hodder Bank Fell 7.4km 4.6m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/hodder-bank-fell/ 2015
Sawley 10km 6.2m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/sawley/ 2015
Birk Bank Quarry 3.56km 2.2m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/birk-bank-quarry/ 2015
Beacon Fell 2.5km 1.5m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/beacon-fell/ 2015
Gisburn Forest waterfall 5.24km 3.28m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/gisburn-forest-waterfall/ 2015
Hornby Road 6.15km 3.8m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/hornby-road/ 2015
Langden & Haredon 10.25km 6.3m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/langden-and-haredon/ 2015
Whin Fell 13.15km 8.22m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/whin-fell/ 2015
Newton in Bowland 3.94km 2.5m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/parkers-arms-walk/ 2015
Clougha Pike 11.3km 7.1m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/clougha-pike/ 2014
Pendle Hill 7.5km 4.6m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/pendle-hill-walk/ 2014
Caton Moor 17km 10.5m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/caton-moor/ 2013
Chipping Walk 10.45km 6.5m https://www.explorebowland.co.uk/chipping-walk/ 2010

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