Brock Bottom

Brock Bottom Picnic Site

Address: Brock Mill Ln, Claughton, Preston PR3 0PP
Car Park: Free
Dogs: No bins so take your dirty bags home

Located about ten miles north of Preston and on the very western edge of the Forest of Bowland. the picnic site and nature trail (sometimes mistakenly called ‘Brock Bottoms’) is a beauty spot along the river.

There is a reasonably sized car park, perhaps space for around 20 cars, but it can get busy, especially on sunny days.  You might sometimes find cars parked along the side of the road in slightly precarious positions, so early arrival is definitely recommended for a family day out in nice weather.

Much of the river is very shallow and perfect for paddling.  And if you head off along the paths you eventually come to the mill ruins.   Built around 1790 the site housed about 20 cottages for the workers at  the cotton spinning mill.  It eventually fell into into ruins around the 1930’s but in its heyday it had a dance room and café.

There are some longer walks from the car park.  You could follow the river downstream, which meanders to the west, and head towards Lancaster Canal.  Or if you follow the river upstream it makes for an interesting walk in a north-easterly direction, taking in Boggy Wood and Snape Rake Lane.  You can then come back over Beacon Fell, making it an enjoyable 7.5 mile ramble.